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At Harry’s Janitor Services, we understand time is of the essence and timing is everything for a business. Our cleaning services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to serve you at the time most convenient for you.

Construction Clean Up

Our construction cleaning offers a wide variety of services available to clean up your construction site faster and better than you could ever imagine.

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Greater Los Angeles & Surrouding Cities. Proudly serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1972. Contact us now to see exactly what we can offer your business.

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Top Quality Janitorial Services in Greater Los Angeles

Sanitation is highly crucial for wellness and a long healthy life. The pandemic has taught us the significance of cleanliness. Earlier when people took hygiene for granted and it cost a lot of them their lives. Some countries take pride in being the neatest and tidy place in the world. Let’s become one of those cleanest destinations.

Harry Janitor Services provides extensive cleaning services for commercial and residential properties. We have a team of professionally trained and well-qualified staff that holds certificates and expertise in deep-rooted sanitization for all purposes. Established in 1972 by a family-owned business, their prices are nominal, and cleaning services are unbeatable for the competitive price. Based on Los Angeles, let’s say when you hire our services, you can rest assured that your home is sparkling as a mirror. Our experts are available to assist you 24 hours and seven days a week. We offer customized solutions fitting in the client's budget because customer satisfaction means the world to us. Whether it is the floor cleaning services, restaurant cleaning, healthcare environmental services, industrial cleaning, hospitality cleaning, post-construction cleaning, education cleaning, event center cleaning, etc., we excel at what we do with uncompromised quality. Years of rich experience say you can entrust the best janitorial services upon us.

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office cleaning service

Office cleaning service

As the name suggests, a clean and healthy office is important for the employees' wellbeing and safety. None other than Harry's Janitor Office Cleaning Services does a better job at it. The pandemic has taught us the importance of hygiene, and our certified professionals follow each and every guideline ruled by the government.

commercial office cleaning

Commercial office cleaning

Get flawless Commercial Office Cleaning by Harry's Janitor Services that covers various stages of cleanliness procedures. For the simple reason that we're pretty old in the business and offer simplified cleaning solutions with updated resources that minutely bring out the filth and leave each commercial office space extremely clean and sparkling.

Carpet floor cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Make your carpets spell magic by hiring Harry's Janitor Carpet Cleaning Service. We extend a hand of professional resources and tools to turn the ordinary cleaning into extraordinary. Removing the traces of bugs, mites or allergens, you can count on us to do the best you could ask for.

Concrete floor cleaning and sealing

Concrete floor cleaning and sealing

When you're looking forward to cleaning the concrete floor and sealing it and unable to find the appropriate company for the same, rely on Harry's Janitor Concrete floor cleaning and sealing services. We begin step by step procedures of cleaning, the concrete floor and sealing it with adequate sealants.

commercial janitorial cleaning

Commercial janitorial services

One can count on cleaning up the residential space on your own but not a commercial space. Our professionally trained cleaners make use of specialized and latest technology to clean up commercial buildings like R&D Facilities, Offices and Cleanrooms. We gladly perform those menial to trivial tasks that others wouldn't pay heed to.

Restaurant Cleaning Service

Restaurant Cleaning Service

One of the most significant and seemingly tedious to most, our capable and trained staff puts on a smile while performing the restaurant cleaning service with equal devotion and determination. We understand how untidy this place can be after people gorge on their favourite meals and spare no room for cleanliness. But without a team by your side, there is no need to worry.

Window Cleaning services

Window Cleaning services

Those glassdoors to the oyster of beautiful world outside deserve to be cleaned thoroughly and you can vouch for Harry's Janitor Window Cleaning Services. We minutely check and sanitize the windows because we understand how dusty they can get after providing ventilation to its homeowners.

Residential and commercial cleaning services

Residential and commercial cleaning services

We want to contradict our statement mentioned above and confess that even residences deserve a professional helping hand for cleaning up the haven we call our own. We dust off, wipe and perform cleaning services including the upholstery etc. so that you can save your precious time and energy on other tasks that need your immediate attention.

post-construction cleaning

Post-construction Cleaning

The most strenuous cleaning process is Post-construction Cleaning, which includes floor-moping, cleaning up the fixtures and appliances, cleaning the windows, dusting, and cleaning up the HVAC system. We offer customized plans that suit the requirements of our clients.

Best Deep Cleaning Services Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Harry Janitor is one of the leading names in the commercial and residential cleaning services across California. We provide high-quality a vast array of cleaning services in Los Angeles since 1972. Ranging from carpet cleaning, residential to commercial cleaning, concrete floor cleaning and sealing, after construction cleaning, the list goes on. We have a dedicated staff of well-qualified and professionally-trained experts who are amicable and efficient in performing their janitorial tasks.

They are available 24 hours and seven days a week to cater to your cleaning requirements. Harry Janitor is a family-owned and operated business that was established in Los Angeles to leave your desired space spick-and-span. You won’t look back to any other janitorial company after working with our premium cleaning services.

Why Choose Us?

Harry's Janitor Services is another name for trust and tenacity. Our certified and professionally trained staff performs trivial to taller tasks with mindfulness, perseverance and devotion. Why would you want to compromise on quality when one of the renowned experts in the industry are available at your beck and call? Rely on us for a squeaky clean, sanitized and disinfected premises.


Ques:- 1. Why is commercial cleaning so important?

Ans. When you outsource your commercial spaces cleaning necessity to a Harry’s Janitor Service, a reliable cleaning company, you are directly helping out your employee to keep their morale high and increase productivity by providing them with a comfortable, pleasant and clean environment to work in. It improves

  • First impression rate
  • Less expensive
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost employees morale
  • Deduction in Sick leaves

Ques:- 2. What do office cleaning services include?

Ans.Office cleaning services must include vacuuming, washing down, mopping, sweeping, toilet basin cleaning, baths, splash backs, mirrors, showers, working station cleaning.

Food preparing and cafeteria spaces like kitchen cleaning with basins, worktops, kitchen door units, floor mats and carpets cleaning, doors, windows, glasses cleaning and electrical equipment cleaning like AC, LED, Lights, etc.

Ques:- 3. What is the difference between janitorial and cleaning services?

Ans. The difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning services is that janitorial services perform small and everyday cleaning tasks. In contrast, commercial cleaning involves lengthy functions that are done a few times per year. Harry’s Janitor Service includes regular carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning is involved in thorough and deep carpet cleaning.

Ques:- 4. What places are important for disinfection during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Ans.Covid-19 pandemic sanitization includes all places, including home, office, kitchen, washroom, toilets, drawing rooms, dining rooms, schools, colleges, industrial spaces, gyms, warehouses, shops, etc. The disease is transmitted through tiny droplets released during human coughing and human to human contacts. So, it requires all places to get cleaned with a quality spray sanitizer and that’s what Harry’s Janitor Services are known for.