7 Amazing Tips for Disinfecting Your Office

7 Amazing Tips for Disinfecting Your Office

7 Amazing Tips for Disinfecting Your Office

Cleanliness is a mindset that keeps the mind, body, and environment clean. And in the outbreak of coronavirus, it becomes essential to clean and disinfect offices to reduce pathogens. One can apply the best hacks to make their employees more productive and healthy.

There is a minute difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting the workplace. That is why all the steps are essential to perform. Harry janitor services give commendable service in all these areas to make your office Spotless and pathogen-free. Cleaning a surface only removes visible dirt debris standard from that area. There as sanitization ensures to make it free from visible dirt pollutants, which can cause harmful effects on your health.

In addition to this, sanitization is only meant to reduce the growth of virus bacteria and fungi. It doesn't emphasize killing them from the root, whereas disinfecting a surface focuses on killing the microorganism and making the workplace germs and infection-free.

In this blog, we have listed seven tips that can assist you in disinfecting your office

  1. Apply one-way wipe-down method: this method includes a particular trait that one must wipe down a surface in One Direction only as a reverse direction wiping can add the deposition of germs again on the surface which is just cleaned. It is recommendable to wipe down all the repeatedly touched things, again and again, to clear the germs and pathogens from that area. These areas include countertop workstations, doorknobs, and many more.
  2. Practice color-coded cleaning: we ensure to follow color-coded cleaning as this will separate our highly experienced and certified workers to mix with employees. This will prevent the janitorial staff from crossing contaminate others while disinfecting your workplace.
  3. Research about the chemicals used in cleaning: it is essential to know the chemicals using Indus impacting a place. A typical household disinfectant claims to clean 99% of viruses and bacteria, including human coronavirus hi calling flu strains and Salmonella, and many others. But we promise to use the most suitable Chemicals as a disinfectant because we are aware of their property. Harry Janitorial service is mindful of what is chemical can animal and what they cannot. So we dem make your workplace safe, and we practice best and unique tricky tips to achieve our task.
  4. Disinfect each item: it is crucial to disinfect each item of your workplace. This includes desktop keyboards, Mouse printers, fax, and phones. We ensure to provide every nook and corner clean off your office. Our dedicated workers try to make your place free from all pathogens and germs, even from hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Hand sanitizer is your best friend: Handwashing has always been a good habit, and its importance has grown in this pandemic period. You can hand creative handwashing signs that can attract employees and remind them to wash their hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer. It is advisable that one should wash his/ her hands for at least 20 seconds to disinfect their hands. The hand sanitizer contains a minimum of 60% alcohol.
  6. Quality effect: you should always use quality cleaning products to clean up any place, including offices and homes. Regular cleaning is required but cannot do good to you if you do not use quality products. The disinfectant should be effective enough to kill the germs without having any allergic reaction to human beings and animals. We at Harry janitor services provide our experts with the best cleaning products to clean the place without compromising the quality of the service.
  7. Outsourcing a disinfection service: Outsourcing has become a common practice. It is done for both Core and non-core activities to attain proficiency. Sometimes, it isn't easy to arrange all the cleaning products and workers to sanitize the office area; therefore, considering a professional disinfection service is suitable. We at Harry janitor provide our customer with experience workers food is insects and clean all the frequently touched the surface and minimized the spread of germs in your office.

Sanitizing has been a crucial part of maintaining good health. If you feel insufficient to disinfect your office, you can hire Harry janitor service for the best janitorial service.


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