8 Helpful Post-Christmas Cleaning Tips

8 Helpful Post-Christmas Cleaning Tips

8 Helpful Post-Christmas Cleaning Tips

Are you all set to make this Christmas blissful and charming? This is Great! It’s finally party time to enjoy glamorous parties, exotic foods and delicacies, visiting, celebrations, lights, charming decor, and so on. 

But, but, but!

Ironically, Christmas fun and enjoyment never come alone! More party, more fun is equal to more stress and more cleaning. So, stay prepared for this daunting task as well. Cleaning the after party mess is really very troublesome and if you need to get it done just after the party but this troublesome cleaning task should not impact your joy and enjoyment of the Christmas party. So, we have come up with a list of 8 easy cleaning tips for you to use to clean the after party mess. 

Uffff….. No worries!
We also have the best solution for the lazy pandas that definitely love the party fun but hate the cleaning of after party mess. So, for such lazy pandas, Harry’s Janitor is offering it's after party cleaning service to all of you so that you don’t need to immediately shift to the daunting task of cleaning just after the party. You sit back and cherish the joyful moments from the party and let us handle the mess for you!

And if you dare to clean the mess on your own, then let’s take a closer look at 8 helpful post-Christmas cleaning tips to serve you some ease!

1. Declutter by Putting Everything Away

The very first step of cleaning starts with decluttering the space. Take out the unnecessary things and organize the space by putting things in their designated place. It will help you to get rid of the confusion from where you need to start and where to wrap up the things. Quick Tidy up is always a convenient option to proceed with just after the party. 

2. Clean the Surfaces

After decluttering your space, you must be clear about the surfaces that needs to get cleaned. So, start with all flat surfaces of your space like tables, slabs, floors, etc. while cleaning the surfaces, make sure that you are using the good cleaning products. Addressing good cleaning products, we mean powerful vacuum, new scrubber, and other cleaning agents. 

3. Deal with the Stains

You can’t leave stains on the surface for a long time as they will become rigid and will stay permanently on the surface. So, it’s time to deal with the stains with the right use of the right cleaning products. Check the carpet, sofa, walls, table, and everything to spot the stain and deal with them immediately. 

4. Wipe Out Everything

After cleaning the floors and everything, move to the small and big showpieces available in your space. Take a soft rug piece to wipe out all of them. Make sure that you are using a soft rug piece for wiping job otherwise; it will cause damage to your antique and expensive showpieces. 

5. Clean Dishes

Not to mention, after the Christmas party you will find a pile of dishes in your sink. Although, we will recommend you to start doing dishes in between your party whenever you find some space so that it cannot create chaos in your kitchen and your mind as well. Because witnessing an unmanageable pile of dishes is the real pain. 

6. Move to the Bathroom

After dealing with the kitchen and the party area, move to the bathroom where you gonna find the real work. First, check how much work is there to do and then create a small goal. Start with a wiping cloth to make the mirror of your bathroom shine again. Now, find the disinfectant spray to clean the toilet seats and shower tub. Scrub the bathroom floor to get rid of all stains and marks. 

7. Deep Clean

Deep clean is required to be done to deal with dirt, germs, and grime on the surface effectively. Change all the bedsheets of all your rooms and tablecloths as well. Start with high traffic space and keep the less dirty space for later. Right cleaning tools and agents are required to carry out deep cleaning more effectively. If you don’t have reliable cleaning agents, then try to work with baking soda and vinegar as these kitchen ingredients are effective to remove grime and stains. 

8. Hire Professional Cleaners

If you are deadly tired after full enjoyment at the Christmas party, then the best cleaning advice for you is to hire a professional cleaner who is reliable to offer the best after party cleaning service. At Harry’s Janitor, we offer the best After-Party Cleaning Service at a very budget friendly price so that it can perfectly fit within your available budget as well. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us now to seal the cleaning seal at a discounted price!

Final Words!

In this post, we shared 8 actionable tips that you may implement to clean the after party mess of Christmas. We positively hope that they helped you to find the ease of cleaning with these tips. For more such helpful cleaning tips, stay connected with us Harry’s Janitor!


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