Commercial Cleaning Vs. Residential Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Vs. Residential Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Vs. Residential Cleaning

Commercial cleaning apparently sounds different from residential cleaning. However, we can discuss how a commercial cleaning service has different distinctions when compared to a residential cleaning service. When we think of commercial cleaning, it gives an impression of a more elaborated form of cleaning than the residential. However, they have their own sets of cleaning needs and challenges. Reading below will help you cut up a commercial cleaning service from the residential one and their specific needs. Start reading and thank us later!

Residential Cleaning Vs. Commercial Cleaning: An Overview

Commercial Cleaning 

Commercial cleaning service is carried out by the professional cleaning staff members, who are hired for cleaning commercial area of spaces. The list of these firms may include offices, hotels, hospitals, and several others. These commercial entities hire professionals to ensure the optimal cleaning and sanitization of the spaces. The commercial cleaning is mainly intended for the following premises:
•    Offices
•    Cleanrooms and R&D Facilities
•    Schools
•    Commercial Kitchens
•    Medical and Healthcare Facilities
•    Industrial buildings

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning, also referred to as domestic cleaning, incorporates house cleaning services, as well as more specific cleanings like window and carpet cleanings that are less frequent in nature. Besides, the specifics of this cleaning service include the cleaning of the bedrooms, floors, and bathrooms.

Major Differences in Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services 

Now that you have a fair idea about the two different types of cleaning services, below is a detailed guide based on their quintessential differences:              

1: Cleaning Hours

Residential cleaning is done during the day. It makes sense that you remain at home and awake when the professionals clean your residential spaces. Contrarily, a majority of commercial cleaning takes place in the evenings, late at night, and on weekends. It is better to have two different teams if you provide commercial cleaning services. When it comes to businesses, cleaning should be done when the majority of customers and employees have left for the day. This guarantees that workers and customers don't have to face inconvenience, and it allows cleaners to clean the entire facility as needed.

2: Area of Spaces

Commercial cleaners and residential cleaners differ mostly in the kind of facilities they're qualified to clean. Commercial cleaners excel in cleaning specialized areas like cleanrooms, medical facilities, and industrial facilities, whereas residential cleaners are better suited to cleaning homes and other domestic residences. Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and other portions of the space are covered.

3: Cleaning Procedure

The cleaning methods are entirely different in residential and commercial cleaning. The residential cleaning procedures include Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors, dusting furniture, BBQ or oven cleaning, carpet vacuuming, tap scrubbing, and various others.

On the other hand, commercial cleaning includes a more integrated cleaning procedure for the wall-mounted units, such as paper towel dispensers, AC, hand dryers, and various others. Besides, it deploys the practice of dusting, cubicle walls, desks, computer keywords, and several others. Commercial cleaning aims at keeping the workplace clean, sanitized, and odor-free for a better working environment.

4: Cleaning Purpose

Professionals who work in commercial cleaning services are trained to keep facilities clean and safe. It's critical to clean surfaces on a frequent basis to avoid harm; for example, if a spill isn't cleaned up quickly enough, it could result in lasting damage or stains. A clean workplace is directly related to the performance of the employees. Besides, it is a crucial factor that can make or break the reputation of the firm.

The professional residential cleaners are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the household and its surroundings. Residential cleaning service ensures that your domestic area of spaces remains clean, tidy, and germ-free. Deep cleaning of the floors and carpets secures your little toddlers from getting in contact with the germs. Besides, kitchen cleaning includes the removal of the stubborn oil stains from walls, fans, and chimneys in the kitchen area, cleaning trash bins shelves used in storing food items.

5: Cleaning Cost

Residential cleaning costs can be a little more difficult to calculate than business cleaning costs. Prices are usually determined by the number of services offered; for example, if the house is merely vacuumed, the price will be substantially lower than if it is properly cleaned.

On the other hand, commercial cleaning companies frequently offer package discounts. These packages are usually decided by the amount of work to be completed, although they are grouped together into broader categories. The cost of these varies depending on the amount of cleaning necessary and can range from inexpensive to rather costly.


At this point, we have discussed all the important differences between residential and commercial cleaning services. If you are a residential cleaning service provider and scale up to commercial cleaning, then you need to train your staff and crew for their unique requirements. For instance, residential cleaning needs more client-interaction, whereas commercial cleaning requires the staff to accomplish bigger tasks in a short time. Harrys Janitor offers a comprehensive range of residential and commercial cleaning services for all your specific cleaning needs.


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