How to Choose a Professional Janitorial Service Company in Los Angeles?

How to Choose a Professional Janitorial Service Company in Los Angeles?

How to Choose a Professional Janitorial Service Company in Los Angeles?

When you are looking to hire a professional Commercial janitorial service for your new office cleaning, you must have a lot of questions regarding this. But, will you know the right person to ask your office cleaning service? To get the perfect commercial cleaning company, you must search for all the questions that arose in your mind. You have to make an informed decision before hiring an office cleaning service.

How will Janitorial Cleaning Service Will Help You?

First of all, know what a professional service provider will do for your business. Office cleaning is not only related to washing floors, windows, carpets, working place, etc. but also key benefits like

  • Putting upon you a terrific first impact
  • Build up a healthy and protective working place
  • Increase employee morale and also job production.

What are the Services Provided by Cleaning Service Provider?

Next, you have to clearly recognize what type of commercial cleaning jobs will occur inside the office space. Focus on daily services, like sweeping and mopping to period-based tasks like floor and carpet cleaning with biodegradable disinfectants and chemicals that will be done by the cleaning team during their working hours. Planning a goal for your new office cleaning can be supported by the cleaning service provider so that they can maintain and manage their team according to the type of task and requirements. Learning about what services are offered will assist you in creating a customized and extra proposed plan for your new office cleaning.

Would Your Office Cleaning Provide Bring Its Own Equipements?

The main focus should be on how a professional cleaning company approaches your office's cleaning job. The right question you can search for that they will be bringing their own required tools and equipment or not. For example, Janitorial Cleaning Service providers will get both traditional office cleaning tools and line equipment like Heppa vacuum with filtration techniques, carpet extractors, and auto scrubbers.

Is Commercial Cleaning Service Provider is Insured or Bonded?

Another question comes to your mind that a commercial cleaning service is insured or bonded. You will get benefit from a tie-up of a cleaning company that is insured or bonded if the accident occurs while working. To serve you better, commercial cleaning must be fully insured and bonded. Ask for insurance like

  • General Liable Insurance
  • Liable Umbrella Policy
  • Insurance for Worker's Compensation
  • Insurance for Auto
  • A Bond Janitorial Insurance for Breakage or Proven Theft

Does Your Company Perform Green Cleaning Services?

From scratch, waste material, and the types of chemicals, companies should concern about the environmental impact of the cleaning process. Today, there is various Green Cleaning method available that will protect the planet. When hiring a Commercial Janitorial Services, you should ask them whether they use eco-friendly products, like green paper, microfiber cloths, and vacuum filtration technology.

Will You Require to Sign A Long-Term Contract?

Finally, you wish to know what type of agreement you have to sign while hiring a new office cleaning company. Will, it is a long-period service agreement, and do they offer flexible services or not? For example, Commercial and professional cleaning service offers long term options, from one time services to periodic cleanings and regular, ongoing maintenance services.

Does Cleaning Service Provider Offer Reliable and Affordable Cleaning Services?

Professional cleaning service has stepped up with a knowledge of how to deal with the COVID-19 situation spread all around the country. There have been various guidelines for cleaning services to support and keep everyone safe. Here, are few causes that inexpensive cleaners must be on your radar.

  • Most cleaners that are working remotely should be protected at home
  • Workers are provided with a safe workplace when they returned to the office after this pandemic
  • Extra cheap and professional cleaning is provided at affordable rates.
  • Various companies interrupted and required focus on recreating their businesses
Will Cleaning Services Spend The Time for Research?

Make use of your time searching for an Affordable and Reliable cleaning company by going through a few suggestions.

  • Ask those people whom you trust for assistance in searching for a professional and reliable cleaning company.
  • Check the list on visiting a few websites through an internet search and also read the reviews put up by various customers on their official websites
  • Appeared for interview at least three companies

One important thing that never looks only at the complaints put up by customers, but check how cleaning service providers have addressed the past challenges faced at various locations and different types of customers.

Take The Interview Of Shortlisted Professional Cleaning Companies?

Once you have shortlisted affordable and professional cleaning services, then schedule an interview with each of them.

  • Greet the representative of shortlisted companies and also meet with them.
  • Arrange a meeting with the person that is used to perform the cleaning job.
  • Assure about the comfort level service.
  • Ask them about the type of cleaning products going to be used
  • Go through your cleaning necessities and special requests
  • Check the review on the social media platform
  • Explain what is included in the products
  • How they ensure safety and security
Be Protective and Always Confirm About Credentials

Safety is one of the top criteria and concerns to look for affordable housekeeping services, and you should be so serious about it. If companies are offering cheap and cost-effective services, it never means that you have to promote safety and security. Never sacrifice your safety and don't ask for the credentials and proof that they are having with themselves.

  • Keep looking at the points if the business is registered
  • Ask about the proof of bonding and insurance
  • Ask the company performs background checks or not.
Set transparent expectations and take all these in Writing

Keep sure that expectations should be available in the written agreement. For affordable services regarding cleaning, get everything in writing. Never assume that they will clean up the trash after cleaning the workstations and other office areas if it is not mentioned in the contract. Keep communicating with the team that is performing the cleaning task and update what you required or are satisfied with. Get the team a chance to improve things in a great way.


These are a few points that you should keep in mind while hiring a commercial janitorial service. Go through your responsibility to check all the essential facts before offering them your new office cleaning job. Few other points require focus but above are the main things to check about cleaning service providers.


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