How to Clean Hardwood Floors?

How to Clean Hardwood Floors?

How to Clean Hardwood Floors?

Nowadays the trend has shifted from Marble and Italian tiles to wood flooring or hardwood for decorating homes. The sale of wood flooring has increased manyfold. It is because of the power of wood flooring to add Spice to your home decor and make it beautiful and also helps to bring class to the dwelling. It helps to increase the level of comfort and well-being. Wood flooring increases the rate of any e property open for sale. Its hypoallergenic quality is also an advantage. Therefore wood flooring is worth investing in as they offer you a high return.

However, just like every coin has two sides it also has some cons. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is a bit complicated work. Therefore a proper cleaning and maintenance are required. In this blog, we are going to provide you with 3 simple hacks to keep your wood flooring clean. If you want any further assistance then you can contact Los Angeles Janitorial services where you will get your home clean why experts with good quality cleaning products and expertise.

Hack 1: Bring the power of vinegar and tea into play

Vinegar is a very good natural cleaner. You can use vinegar to clean your hardwood flooring. For this, you need to mix a small amount of vinegar in water and then use the mixture to clean the wood flooring. It is important to dilute the vinegar because it is acidic and can destroy the finish of your wood flooring. You must test the mixture on a small hidden patch. The mixture does not do well on waxed floors. Be careful while using vinegar as the cleaning agent.

You can also use black tea for cleaning your hardwood flooring changing from medium to dark pattern. For using black tea you need to boil water with two to three bags of black tea in it and let it cool down. The mixture is ready to use on the floor. Moisture cloth in the mixture and use it for cleaning. It also works on laminated wood flooring.

If you have installed new wood flooring and you are anxious about voiding the warranty period then you must contact floor cleaning services at Harry janitor. We will provide you with professional cleaners who are equipped with specialized tools and good quality cleaning agents. We will help you maintain Clean surroundings without voiding your warranty.

Hack 2: Add regular cleansing of floor to maintain the standard of living

It is well said that small steps bring great changes similarly regular cleaning can do wonders and requires small but regular sacrifice.

You can broom the floor audio using a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dirt and dust present on the floor. This will help you maintain the Shiny finish of the flooring.

This method will help you to maintain clean floors without any headache to clean them deeply once a week.

If you have some fairy friends with you at home, you must be aware of the hair shedding problem. To prevent having problems with pets made up of their hairs you need to brush them on the balcony or some open area outside the house to get rid of loose hairs and reduce the problem of hair shedding.

If you have any kind of spill on the floor then you must clean the floor immediately with a microfiber cloth by blotting the spill area. The wood has a natural tendency to expand and absorb liquids which will help you to be safe. But if the wood absorbs too much water it can cause ruining of the floor.

Do not use a sponge mob or Splash plain water on the floor to clean it because they are not going to remove all the moisture from the floor. In this way, you are going to harm the flooring more than you thought. Therefore You must always use a microfiber cloth to mop the floor. Also, use the classical method of cleaning the floor while sitting so you have full control over the amount of water being left on the floor to be dried itself.

Hack 3:Refinish the floors with sand

To establishes the shine of your hardwood floor again, then it’s crucial to sand your badly deteriorated or permanently stained hardwood floor. No doubt it is an effective method to freshen up your flooring but this method is more complicated than we persist.

One must take care and do not apply oil or wax on the floor for instant recovery as this will increase the risk of leaving residue or it might result in a slippery surface which Can cause unwanted harm up to a great extent.

It’s important to stay away from ammonia and abrasive cleaner as they scratch the finish of your floor. You can opt for soap and water as a floor-cleaning product. This is the case when you risk violating the floor’s warranty by utilizing the products recommended by floor finishers.

For more advanced or facile hardwood floor cleaning, contact us. We assure to give spotless and shiny hardwood floor cleaning at affordable prices with fast past accompanied with customized service.


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