How to Deep Clean the Washroom in Your Commercial Space?

How to Deep Clean the Washroom in Your Commercial Space?

How to Deep Clean the Washroom in Your Commercial Space?

Cleanliness at the commercial spaces, especially washrooms, is directly related to productivity. It can also make or break the impression of a commercial workplace. Besides, it also ensures the optimal health of the employees; important for higher attendance and improved productivity. This is why it does worth walking extra miles to ensure the utmost cleanliness of the washrooms at the commercial spaces. A commercial cleaning company can get the job done for you. However. navigating through this intuitive guide until the end will help you with the pro cleaning tips for workplace washrooms. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting The Commercial Washroom Cleaning

Needless to emphasize the importance of commercial washroom cleaning. Yet, you need to keep a few important things into your consideration before getting started. If not done properly, it can be disruptive to the commercial environment. The below-described points are imperative for you to ensure a fail-safe execution of the washroom cleaning: 

How Often?
Daily cleaning is required to kill the germs and bacterias at the commercial washrooms, in the coworking spaces. However, you can hire a commercial cleaning company for the deep cleaning of the office washrooms on a weekly basis for spotless and germ-free cleaning. 

Before getting started, you need to have all the required tools handy with you. Choose the best cleaning tools and products to ensure qualitative and disruption-free cleaning. The list of these tools may include: 

•    Broom, dustpan, and mop
•    Bucket
•    Glass cleaner
•    Floor cleaner
•    Toilet bowl cleaner and toilet brush
•    Rags or paper towels
•    Antibacterial wipes
•    All-purpose disinfectant cleaner

Weekends are the best time for the deep cleaning of the commercial spaces. It does not affect workplace productivity and helps to keep the hazardous chemicals at the bay. If you are willing to hire a commercial cleaning company, better do it on the weekends. 

Let’s Get Started! 

After keeping all these important points into your consideration, you can start the commercial washroom cleaning. Follow the step-by-step procedure to complete the task in a prompt and hassle-free manner: 

Step 1: Clean The Mess

Before you start the cleaning, declutter the washroom and make some space. Remove the trash from the counter, which may include, paper towel stacks, soap bottles, flowerpots, and other decorative items (if any). It will help you to see through the cleaning space. 

Step 2: Pretreat The Sinks, Bowls & Toilets
In this step, you need to fill the sinks and urinals with warm waters and a good-quality cleaning agent. If it is really dirty, rinse it before applying the product. Now let it sit for a while. Meanwhile, perform the next steps until the cleaning agent is doing its job. 

Step 3: Spray It Out
Spray liquid cleaners on the mirror and wipe it out with a piece of paper towel or rag. Now clean it properly and rub the stubborn stains with the hard hands for a crystal clear glass mirror. In the end, clean it with a dry cloth or paper to eliminate any streaks that can possibly remain on the surface.

Step 4: Scrub The Sink 
Now that your cleaning product has already sapped the stain’s strength from the sink, you can give it a thorough scrub to eliminate germs, stains, and fingerprints. Once done, rinse with water and clean with a dry piece of cloth or paper. 

Step 5: Toilets And Urinals
After cleaning the sink, clean the pretreated bowls and urinals with a toilet brush cleaner. After cleaning it properly, flush the bowl and urinals to clean it. Scrub the surfaces and spray disinfectants on the outer surfaces to exterminate the germs and bacterias. A professional janitor service provider can get the job done for you efficiently. 

Step 6: Disinfect
When the deep-cleaning is done, you can proceed further to accomplish the surface cleaning and disinfection. To do so, you can utilize antibacterial wipes to clean the switches, lights, door handles, and other things that can potentially have germs and bacterias. 

Step 7: Clean The Floor
The floor comes at last as all the waste and contaminated water goes on the floor. Sweep the floor using a bucket full of water and floor cleaner/disinfectant. Once the mopping is done, rinse with water and let it dry. 

Step 8: Finish
So far, so well! Now is the time to give your commercial washroom cleaning the finishing touch. To bring the difference, you need to go into the details. Repeat the wiping to make the urinals cleaner and the mirrors shine. Rinse the drains with fresh water and wipe the water spilled on the faucet and countertop. 


Reading this post until the end can guide your way to cleaning the commercial washrooms like an experienced commercial cleaning company. However, if the commercial washroom becomes an overwhelming task for you, Harry’s Janitor services can be a life-saver. Its top-notch janitor service not only helps in deep-cleaning the washroom but also makes it neat and shiny. Besides, the services are rendered by experienced janitors to ensure impeccable execution. Reach out to know cost-effective quotes for our professional cleaning service. 


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