Recurring Regular Cleaning vs One-Time Deep Cleaning

Recurring Regular Cleaning vs One-Time Deep Cleaning

Recurring Regular Cleaning vs One-Time Deep Cleaning

It is said that cleanliness is half the faith, and rightly so. Be it a new house or an old house or even a hotel room. It is only expected that we keep it clean to the best of our ability. But it is not always possible to take out time from our busy routines and even more stuffed schedules for some cleaning work which is probably on the bottom of your to-do list. And that’s where deep cleaning services come in.

Just one call and an appointment are all it takes. Yes, it does, but before that, you need to understand the difference between Recurring cleaning and One-time deep cleaning and which one is better for you and your lifestyle?

Recurring regular cleaning

Consistency is key to success. Whenever you appoint a certified and qualified expert to proffer recurring cleaning, it is advisable to maintain regularity. This exercise will indeed offer you the opportunity to maintain a standard of cleanliness at your home and workplace.

Recurring cleaning is popularly known as regular and standard cleaning, which encompasses the following services

  • Vacuum and mop cleaning to ensure the neat and tidy floors of the rs of the rooms and ensure the sanitization of each corner resulting that in a well-groomed manner
  • Clean the entire space make it spotless
  • Maintaining good order of sink, mirror, bathtub, etc. in bathroom
  • Making the countertop dirt-free, removing the dirt nodules from appliances, flinging the trash, etc

Due to the regular practice of basic activities help to name it as domestic cleaning. These are essential to apply cleaning services in a fixed interval of time. Harrys Janitor Service promises to remove the dust, dirt, and debris and make the place shiny and spotless.

The most valuable thing of recurring service is quick and requires less labor and only needs 2-3 hours a week. You can also hire a housemaid for repeating services as they will employ these daily.

One Time Deep Cleaning

In contrast to regular cleaning, deep cleaning includes cleaning the visible dust and dirt + the dust and the dirt not directly observable or noticeable. In short, it is a complete cleaning process that also includes the areas that are left behind during regular cleaning.

It is a little more expensive than regular cleaning as it needs more labor, time, and equipment, but it is a long-term investment of your hard-earned money.

Deep cleaning is not something that is required every day or even every month. It is generally recommended to get it done once in 6 months or when a tenant moves out or shifts to a new house.

Deep cleaning includes –

  • Removal of soap and scale scum from the bathroom and kitchen fixtures like taps, showerheads, and tiles
  • Dusting and proper cleaning from behind the stove, oven, fridge, washing machines, or any other heavy appliances and cutting through the built-up grime
  • Dusting and Washing of all doors and windows in all the rooms of the house
  • Cleaning the oven’s interior and the refrigerator and any other food storage racks, including glass doors and shelves
  • Removal of cobwebs from the corners of the house and rigorous cleaning in the sink and washbasin drainage areas

Deep cleaning has its own set of merits and demerits. It is expensive than repeated cleaning, takes more workforce, and more time than routine cleaning. Still, the results are much more satisfying and pleasing, and the maintenance needed by electrical appliances, floors, walls, etc., is also reduced significantly.

Comparison Of Services On Cost Basis

If you are also a germaphobe and like to have a clean and tidy environment, it is just the festive season, and you want your house to be clean of all impurities such as dirt, infections, or smell to make your home a better place to live.

You must critically evaluate all the pros and cons of getting a recurring cleaning or time Deep clean before deciding a budget for it. Analysis of cost and worth will make it easier for you to select the package available by residential cleaning services providers.

If you want to avail home deep cleaning services by trained professionals, it may cost you up to rupees 14,000 to 20,000. Cost may vary according to the home size. If you plan to move in or sell the old house, then deep cleaning services are for you.

Regular cleaning does not cost you much, even if it involves a larger area, as it requires much less labor than deep cleaning services. It helps you to maintain hygiene and sanitization and is more economical. It may cost you up to Rupees 7,000 to 10,000 for the whole month.

We at Harrys janitor sanitary services provide the best and cost-effective packages. Our experts understand your needs and customize the service package as per your requirement.

We feel glad when we make your home a clean and safe place to live in!!


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