Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning

Get flawless Commercial office cleaning service by Harry's Janitor Service that covers various stages of cleanliness procedures. For the simple reason that we're pretty old in the business and offer simplified cleaning solutions with updated resources that minutely bring out the filth and leave each commercial office space extremely clean and sparkling.

The disinfected and hygienic office will calm your mind and suppress mental disturbance, generate tremendous productivity and reduce the risk of being unwell and seeking sick leaves. Our crew is a combination of active, enthusiastic, and experienced cleaners who are trained in handling all types of cleaning surfaces.

We believe that a productive office must have a clean and tidy workplace. We guarantee you to provide experienced and professional cleaning staff who oath to ensure perfect cleaning of the office's bathrooms, kitchen doors, windows, carpets, workstations, and many more. To disinfect and sanitize the workplace, we use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals to proffer a hygienic and pathogen-free working environment. Our unique techniques will ensure to provide perfect cleaning of frequently touched areas such as knobs, desks, and many more. Harry’s Janitor Service gives a customizable facility with an option to schedule the cleaning.

What Our Commercial office cleaning services include:

Cleaning remains always a vital part of any space whether it is commercial or personal. At commercial offices, it is a must to maintain the good health and a safe working environment of your employees as it helps to maximize the overall productivity of the employees as well. If you are also planning to hire Harry’s Janitor Service for our commercial office cleaning services, then take a look at different tasks that are involved in our professional commercial office cleaning services!

Stage 1: Disposal of Garbage and Trashes

We start our commercial office cleaning service from the disposal of garbage and emptying the bins. We pick all the trashes and waste lying under the workstations and over the workstations and then dispose of them. After emptying the dustbins, we sanitize and disinfect them to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. 

Stage 2: Cleaning of Workstations

Moving to the next step, we start with the cleaning of workstations. To do so, we make use of chemical free supplies to ensure zero damage to the property due to harmful cleaning products. We keep all the things in their designated place and sanitize them to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Stage 3: Vacuuming of the floor

To remove dust and dirt from the floor before mopping, our team of experts starts vacuuming the floor and carpets which is followed by mopping. Vacuuming before mopping is an effective cleaning approach that helps to get rid of more than 99.5% of dust and allergens. 

Stage 4: Floor Mopping 

After vacuuming the floor, our team of cleaning experts will move to the mopping of the floor from corner to corner and edges to edges. To scrub the floor, we make use of an I-mop which is followed by the use of a flat mop to clean the edges of the floor. 

Stage 5: Post Inspection

To make sure that everything is properly cleaned, we run Post-Inspection after the completion of cleaning. This is the final stage of Commercial Office Cleaning Service in which we check if the trashes are cleaned, toiletries are restocked, corners and edges are properly cleaned, workstations are properly cleaned and sanitized, etc. and everything is alright as per our strict cleaning parameters. 

Why Choose Our Commercial Office Cleaning Service?

There are more than enough benefits of choosing Harry’s Janitor Service commercial cleaning service and we are enlisting a few of them here! 

•    To Create a safe and healthy working environment
•    To save your time and energy
•    To receive the highest cleaning standard 
•    Well trained and highly experienced cleaning team
•    Right cleaning tools and eco-friendly supplies
•    To reduce the property damage risk

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste a single minute and Hire Harry’s Janitor Service for Deep and extensive professional janitor services today!


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