Concrete Floor Cleaning And Sealing Services

Concrete Floor Cleaning And Sealing Services

Concrete Floor Cleaning And Sealing Services

When you're looking forward to cleaning the concrete floor and sealing it and unable to find the appropriate company for the same, rely on Harry's Janitor Service Concrete floor cleaning and sealing services. We begin step by step procedures of cleaning the concrete floor and sealing it with suitable sealants.

It is a fact that every flooring needs unique and different maintenance the same holds with decorative concrete floors. We offer consistent attention and care to sustain the shine of your concrete floors. Harry Janitor floor cleaning service aims to result in a stain,  water and abrasion-free space with an assurance of proper sealing. Our experience cleaner offers the opportunity for the clients to avail the best sealer or wax cleaning solution with the pH neutral cleaner. We use microfibre cleaning pads for both dry and damp mopping to maintain your concrete floor's health. We provide excellent concrete floor cleaning and sealing by utilising the finest and supreme techniques to convert messy to gorgeous in the end.

Our Concrete Floor Cleaning Process

Step 1: Identify the Type of Concrete

Before starting with the concrete cleaning, it’s important to identify the type of the concrete first to make use of the right tool and supplies of cleaning to deliver an effective cleaning result. So, our team identifies the type of concrete first.  

Step 2: Prepare the Concrete to Clean

The use of the cleaning method is also dependent on where that concrete floor is installed, it is indoor or outdoor. If you will use the indoor cleaning method on the outdoor concrete floor then it will damage the grass or plants touched to the floor. If our job is for indoor concrete cleaning, then we will have to move things like furniture and other things. And if our job is for outdoor concrete then we will clean the floor with the use of a broom and then we will soak in the grass and plants with the use of garden hose to protect them from any damage. 

Step 3: Clean the Floor With the Use of Right Tool and Supplies

Concrete floors are installed at various places including garages, housewares, driveways, sidewalks, etc., and according to the place, we make the selection of the right cleaning tool and supplies to deliver exceptional results. 

Step 4: Use of Powerwash

Powerwash is an effective method to clean the concrete floor as it penetrates deep into the pores of the floor to wash away the grease and dirt. So, our team of experts make great use of this effective floor cleaning approach to deliver exceptional concrete floor cleaning and sealing service. 

Step 5: Use of Muriatic Acid to clean the Concrete

If the floor is covered in more dirt and filth then making the use of Muriatic Acid can be the right choice to deal with tough rustic stains penetrated deep into the concrete floors. We don’t make use of this muriatic acid unless there is no alternative option left in our hand to deal with the tough oily and filthy stains of the concrete floor. So, we consider use of this as our last choice in concrete floor cleaning and sealing service. 

Why Choose Our Concrete Floor Cleaning And Sealing Service?

When it comes to floor cleaning service, we proudly introduce ourselves as the best cleaning service provider who are highly appreciated by its clients to deliver the highest standard of cleaning at a very reasonable price option. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction in our best floor cleaning service. There are more than enough reasons for which you must surely choose Harry’s Janitor Service as your next cleaning partner. So, let’s take a close look at that!

●    Experienced to Deliver Highest Cleaning Standard
●    Fully Customised Concrete cleaning service to meet customer satisfaction
●    First Class Customer Service
●    Advanced Cleaning solution with the use of right tool and equipment
●    Reduces the Risk of Property Damage
●    Best Deals on Quality Cleaning Service

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste a single minute and Hire Harry’s Janitor Service for Deep and extensive concrete floor cleaning and sealing Services Today! 


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