Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

The most strenuous cleaning process is Post-Construction Cleaning, which includes floor cleaning, cleaning up the fixtures and appliances, windows cleaning, dusting, and cleaning up the HVAC system. We offer customized plans that suit the requirements of our clients.

At Harry’s Janitor service, you will get premier and unique post construction cleaning service to your buildings constructed at any site. Our team of expert cleaners is highly specialized and equipped with all necessary equipment, knowledge, and products to carry out the cleaning work precisely. Across several builder’s sites where construction and finishing are in progress and about to finish up in a few days, we conduct post-construction cleaning to these sites in a fast, paced, and efficient manner with affordable rates and save your valuable time. Harry’s Janitor service is one of the reliable and reputed after construction cleaning service providers in Los Angeles. Our cleaning staff adheres to multiple aspects of cleaning and aims to provide neat and clean places after construction. Harry’s Janitor service worked with several reputed and professional cleaning organizations for several years and put the final touches on various significant projects. 

After Construction Cleaning Service

Redesigning or recreating a space is an extremely thrilling venture for any family or staff hoping to propel their business or essentially improvise the look and feel of their home. Yet, very much like any task, it is critical to think about all viewpoints and the after effects of this work including the cleaning work which is definitely very hectic to be done on your own. No matter if you are renovating your personal space or the commercial space, post-cleaning cleaning might be the most troublesome thing anywhere. 

Post Construction cleaning service is truly necessary before you shift to your new home sweet home or your newly renovated workspace, clearly in light of the fact that nobody can stay in a space loaded up with dust, soil, junk and different particles that are the result of the construction. To get rid of this troublesome task, Harry's Janitor service offers the best Post Construction cleaning services to its customers that will help them to stay relaxed in their couch while we are dealing with the after effects of construction. 

What Our Post Construction Cleaning Service Includes:

To clarify our esteemed patrons about the post construction cleaning service of ours, we have divided the entire process into different phases. So, let’s take a closer look to understand what actually our post construction cleaning service includes!

Phase 1: Rough Cleaning

We start with a rough cleaning process to get rid of the dust, dirt, and scuffs, debris, trash, and leftover materials from the entire construction space. 

Phase 2: Light Cleaning

The Rough Cleaning phase will be followed by the light cleaning phase where we will target every corner of the space and different rooms like restrooms, kitchens, drawing area, waiting area, and other areas that are designed and developed to serve specific purposes. This is a labour-intensive stage of post construction cleaning in which we also clean windows, glass areas, doors, walls, and other such spaces. 

Phase 3: Final Cleaning Touch

Since we have already done the rough cleaning and light cleaning of the space, it’s time to move on with giving a final touch of cleaning to the internal space. We will vacuum clean the space and also wipe down the smudges, fingerprints, marks, and everything. 

Phase 4: Exterior Cleaning

The construction process doesn't just cover up the internal space into dirt and filth but also the external space. So, after adding a final touch of cleaning to the internal space, we move to the exterior cleaning. We will deal with all exterior debris, dirt, smudges, and everything to leave a warm living space for you behind. 

Why Choose Our After Construction Cleaning Service?

There are more than enough reasons for which you must surely choose Harry’s Janitor service post construction cleaning service. It will save your time, gallons of sweat, and ultimately, it will assist you with saving your energy that you will surely require on a later stage to unload and organize the things in the new home/or the commercial space. So, let’s take a close look at different reasons for which you must Hire Harry’s Janitor service without giving it a second thought!

●    Highly Experience Cleaning Team
●    A helping hand to lift up your cleaning burden
●    Deep Professional Cleaning with right use of Tools
●    Very Time Saving
●    Proper Recycling if Required
●    Proper disinfection and hygiene of the space
●    Ensuring Safety and Promoting Well-Being
●    Economical and Budget Friendly Price

So, what are you waiting for? Hire Harry’s Janitor service for Deep and extensive After Construction Cleaning Service Today!


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