Residential And Commercial Cleaning

Residential And Commercial Cleaning

Residential And Commercial Cleaning

We want to contradict our statement mentioned above and confess that even residences deserve a professional helping hand for cleaning up the haven we call our own. We dust off, wipe and perform cleaning services, including the upholstery, etc., so that you can save your precious time and energy on other tasks that need your immediate attention.

We ensure bespoke services for your restaurants or star hotels. Our team leaves no stone unmoved when it comes to a commercial kitchen, restaurant, or hotel cleaning. Our professionals are experts in cleaning commercial offices, restaurants, shops, malls, bars, schools, colleges, etc., as they are equipped with various types of advanced tools and equipment.

In the case of Residential Cleaning, we can clean your solar panel, roof, and gutter using industrial-grade high-pressure water cleaners. Our team reduces the burden of cleaning solar panels as it is a time-consuming, challenging and dangerous task. We provide sparkling solar panels with applying the best possible tools and cleaning products to complete the job safely. Our cleaning process removes the accumulation of algae, dirt, dust, and moss from your roofs, whether constructed of a tile or colour bond and exposed to weather and elements over the years. At Harry’s Janitor service, warehouse and factory gutter cleaning are performed with a well-qualified and fully-trained cleaning team. Our dedicated team carries out flawless Residential and Commercial Cleaning without caring for the challenges they face.

What Our Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service Includes:

To make it clear for our clients about the Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service offered by us, we have divided the entire process into different phases. So, let’s take a closer look to understand what actually our residential commercial cleaning services includes!

Phase 1: Disposal of Garbage From Space

Starting from the first step, we empty all bins and trash from your commercial and residential space to get rid of the smell of garbage. After sanitising the bins properly, we replace the bin liners with a new garbage poly bag. 

Phase 2: Dusting to Get Rid of Debris

In the second phase, our experts start with dusting to get rid of the debris, dust, and other particles from different surfaces. This makes things a little manageable in the later on phase when we start with mopping and vacuuming the floor.

Phase 3: Disinfect Surfaces with Damp Cloth

With a use of damp wipe, disinfect all the surfaces in the surrounding that are exposed to touch like light switches, phones, doorknobs, and many such surfaces. 

Phase 4: Mopping and Vacuuming of the Floor

Now that we have cleaned and disinfected all hi-touch exposed surfaces of the space, it’s time to Vacuum and mop the floor to remove the debris, dust, stains, and other particles from the floor. 

Phase 5: Replacing the Things to their Designated places

After following all the above mentioned steps, it is a sure thing that the things in the surrounding must have been navigated from here to there. So, it’s a high time to place all of these things to their designated places to leave a well-organised look and feel to the space behind. 

Phase 6: Inspect for any Missed Step

We don’t want to leave a single flaw behind that’s why we go and check if there is something left to be done. If there is any, then our team of expert cleaners immediately deal with that to add a final touch of Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service in the space. 

Why Choose Our Residential Commercial Cleaning Service?

There are more than enough reasons for which you must hire Harry’s Janitor service for residential commercial cleaning services and here we are going to enlist a few of them. So, Let's get started!

●    Save your Energy to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones
●    Professional and deep cleaning service with the right use of tools
●    Offers a spotless and flawless cleaning job
●    Completely Cleaned Shades, Drapes, and Blinds 
●    Proper Sanitization and Disinfection in the space
●    Reduces the spread of Germs and Viruses
●    Creates a safe and healthy surrounding
●    Cost Effective Pricing Plans to fit in your Budget

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste a single minute and Hire Harry’s Janitor Service for Deep and extensive Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service Today!


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