Some Easy Steps For Properly Cleaning Commercial Floors

Some Easy Steps For Properly Cleaning Commercial Floors

Some Easy Steps For Properly Cleaning Commercial Floors

Floor cleaning doesn’t mean just mopping of floors as it requires all your care and concern to plan the commercial floor cleaning because there are people who are roaming around all the time and there are high chances for people to slip, trip, and fall if the cleaning is not planned properly. And according to a research it was discovered that in 2016, more than 850 people died at their workplace with an accident caused due to wet or soapy floors. A number of business owners neglect the importance of professional commercial cleaning services and appoint some unprofessional people to clean their office space, and in the end, they end up bearing heavy consequences of this mistake of them. If you don’t want such tragedies at your workplace, then you are strictly advised to avail of the professional floor cleaning services of Harry’s Janitor at a very economical price. And even if you are trying to do it on your own, then here are some quick steps that you must surely follow to carry out the cleaning of your floors more effectively and more professionally. So, let’s take a closer look at the 5-step process for proper commercial floor cleaning!

Step 1: Choose the Right Mop and Detergent according to your Floor Type

During floor cleaning, mop is like a gun and detergent is like bullet and we hope that this must have conveyed to you the information that how crucial it is to choose the right mop and detergent. The type of mop and detergent varies according to the type of floor you have in your commercial space. String mops are like old school mops that are most commonly used in the cleaning of industrial spaces. Sponge mops are used for hardwood or laminated floors. Strip mops are the padded mops that are used to clean almost all types of floors. For elegant and sophisticated floors, make use of mild detergents or pH-neutral soap and avoid acidic additives. For stone floors, use a pH-neutral cleaning agent as this is the more ideal type. 

Step 2: Broom, Use Vaccum and Move the Objects before Mopping

To make sure that the cleaning process is done without leaving a speck of single dirt behind, you are advised to broom and vacuum clean the space first. And then move the objects from the space that are acting as an obstacle during the cleaning process. This will make your cleaning process the least frustrating and least chaotic. Make sure that you are not leaving crumbs, little papers, or even large amounts of dust behind. If there is any, carry out the dry clean sweeping first. 

Step 3: Start with Mopping

After dry clean sweeping, start mopping the floor with the use of the right mop appropriate for your floor type. Mix the detergent and water together in the appropriate ratio to carry out effective floor mopping. Make sure that the solution is not over concentrated as it will make things tough for you. Swap your mop all over the floor and especially in the corners. Target a small area with soapy water like 4x6 feet at a time to and don’t wait for the soapy water to get dry on the surface. Rinse it side by side with clean plain water. 

Step 4: Wholesome Rinsing

After targeting the small areas of the floor with soapy water and done with the entire floor like this, it’s time to give a final rinse to the floor with the help of clean plain water to get rid of the slipperiness of soap from the floor. For more effective results, you are advised to make use of lukewarm water for wholesome rinsing. Before putting things and furniture at their designated place, make sure that the space is completely dry to avoid any damage. 

Tip: To dry out the floor quickly, you can turn on the fan. 

Step 5: Show Some Love to Your Cleaning Equipment

After cleaning the floor of your commercial space in a professional manner with the use of right tools and equipment, shower some love to your cleaning equipment. Cleaning your equipment is like preparing them for the next cleaning war. And if you are not cleaning after every single use, then it can damage them and they will be no more helpful for your next cleaning war. 

Final Words!

In this post, we have shared the abracadabra cleaning tips with you to help you find the best way to manage the floor cleaning service of your commercial space on your own. And if you don’t want to take this headache, then you are advised to hire a professional commercial floor cleaning service provider and Harry’s Janitor is always at your service. We offer the best cleaning service to our customers from different corners of the World at a very reasonable and economical price. We assure you that you will never regret partnering with us. Get in touch with us today!


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