After hiring Harry’s Janitor Services for commercial cleaning services, I was completely gratified with their sanitization that I never looked back to using somebody else’s services.

ALEX WAGIMAN, Restaurant Owner

Using Harry’s Janitor Services was the best decision I made because of the latest tools, technology and measures they undertake for complete sanitization of my corporate space.


I worked with Harry’s Janitor Services for carpet cleaning and floor cleaning purpose and couldn’t be happier because of their habit of paying attention to details and leaving no iota of dirt.

Reza Kurniawan, Co-Founder

I am very finicky about hygiene and almost obsessed with cleanliness. That’s why I wanted to hire the best janitorial services. I heard a lot about Harry’s Janitor Services and am delighted to see my space super-clean.

Julia Menorva, Restaurant Owner

After the lockdown was over, there was a need for tidying up my restaurant and my friend recommended Harry’s Janitor Services. I used their restaurant cleaning service and I loved how they sanitized as well as spruced up the entire space.

Nina Boboba, Restaurant Manager

When we switched from remote-work to regular office, it was needless to say that I was counting on Harry’s Janitor Office Cleaning service. I was impressed by their dedication and perseverance to provide excellent cleaning and disinfection services.

Anne Kurnia, Housekeeping Manager