Things to Remember Before Hiring Residential Cleaning Services

Things to Remember Before Hiring Residential Cleaning Services

Things to Remember Before Hiring Residential Cleaning Services

Your heavenly abode is more than merely a set of bricks and marbles, it is your most valuable asset and dream come true. No matter how much you try to keep your home spick-and-span, there’s always something you miss out on. Moreover, your busy schedule can also make you skip the proper cleaning of your residence.

No need to worry. Consider hiring a residential cleaning service to tack up the chaos and mess. They will tidy up your space from every nook and corner while you can rest your sore senses. You can also fulfill other important obligations while a professional team of cleaners lends their expert touch to your house, not leaving any space. Here are the questions you must ask before hiring a professional residential cleaning service. Read on:

How to Determine the Costs?

The cleaning costs may vary depending on the project at hand or on an hourly basis. Alternatively, some residential cleaning services may charge according to the number of employees sent to perform the cleaning. Usually, a residential cleaning services company charges fees based on your house condition, size, and the chore to be completed.

If the company you selected charges you on an hourly basis, it is advised to ask for a rough estimate regarding the time consumed to clean up the place. It is suggested to set a limit on the number of hours to clean the house. This prevents exceeding your budget limits and unnecessary costs.

Are Workers given Compensation?

Professional Residential Cleaning Services have to pay social, state, and federal security taxes. These companies offer workers compensation if their employees get injured. Hence, you will be not be held liable for the same as a homeowner.

However, you may ask about workers’ compensation as this will give you clarity about the cleaning company’s reliability.

Using Own Cleaning Supplies

Certain residential cleaning services come along with their own cleaning supplies and equipment. While a few companies bring the equipment but ask you to give the cleaning supplies. Certain people prefer using a specific brand of cleaning supplies. Numerous residential cleaning services make use of eco-friendly and conventional cleaning products. You are suggested to ask them to bring your preferred cleaning products for particular areas in your place.

What about a satisfaction guarantee?

Professional residential cleaning services need to let customers give constructive feedback and suggestions. They need to provide a satisfaction guarantee after hiring their services just if you are not happy with the result.
There should be an option of giving your opinions through call, chat, text, or email. This makes sure that your cleaning requirements are met suitably.

When was your company established?

This question is too important to miss out on. Getting to know when was the company established and since when have they been in business puts a label of trust and unmatched quality. It reveals a great deal about their competence, success rate, and customers’ reviews about them. Consider asking before hiring.

How will you enter my premises?

Certain residential cleaning services might request you to give some options to let them enter your space for cleaning. For instance, placing your keys under the doormat at the reception, giving away your keypad’s password, or being present while the cleaning is being performed.

Select the option that you find suitable for you without any inhibitions because the matter in question is your home sweet home. Alternatively, you can try asking your cleaner about their preference.

What does your cleaning service comprise?

The best thing to do is avoid hiring a cleaning service company with too low or high expectations. Therefore, it is best to inquire about the services provided by the company ahead of time. For example, a few cleaning service companies offer facilities that are not included in some other cleaning companies’ standard services. We recommend comparing and then selecting the most appropriate cleaning service for your company.

Does your company have insurance?

Opt for hiring a cleaning company that provides liability insurance and bond. They need to have a compensation policy if something is broken, damaged, or missing from your space. You will be content with their services after having posed this question.

How about our pet?

Try to get your pet a little acquainted and friendly with the cleaning service staff at your home. This makes sure your pet feels comfortable in their presence and does not feel bothered.

Pet can be a tad sensitive to smells, loud sounds created by vacuum cleaners. You can request the cleaning staff to keep in mind these things.

You can benefit a great deal by posing these questions to a professional residential cleaning service to provide the best of their services for the long term. In fact, by considering these points in mind, you can make the best choice of a cleaning service for your home sweet home.


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