Tips and Tricks to Make Your Window Glasses Sparkling Clean

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Window Glasses Sparkling Clean

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Window Glasses Sparkling Clean

Windows are not all about sparkling, but there are many good reasons for which you must always keep your windows clean. A number of people like to keep their windows clean, but these lazy pandas don't really like the process of cleaning. Are you also a lazy panda who doesn't like to carry out the process of window cleaning? If yes, then drop all your worries as every problem comes with a solution, and so is this problem. You can hire a professional cleaning service to get a sparkling clean window.

If the floor of our house is greasy or dusty, then it is a top priority to get cleaned as soon as possible, but if our windows are greasy or dusty, then it often gets ignored. To make sure that you don't ignore the importance of a clean window, let's take a quick look at different reasons for which you must always keep your window sparkling clean. 

•    Enhances the value of your home
•    Prevents window glass degradation
•    Provides better heating efficiency
•    Zero Blockage of Natural Light
•    Let's you enjoy a mesmerizing view

These are just a few reasons for all for which you must maintain a well-cleaned window of your home. Now, let's take a look at various tips and tricks to make your window glasses sparkling clean!

1- Remove Curtains and Blinds from Window

The first step of cleaning your home's windows must start with the removal of curtains and blinds from the windows. This need to be done to make sure that your aesthetic and graceful curtains and blinds don't get dirty and filthy in the process. Even after hours of hard work in cleaning, your windows may look the same dirty windows if you are not implementing the right tricks and techniques of cleaning. Clean your windows from top to bottom to make great use of gravity while making sure that no drips are left on the surface of the window. 

2- Prepare Homemade Solution for Cleaning
Instead of spending a hefty sum of money on different useless window cleaning solutions, we recommend our customers prepare their own homemade cleaning solution. To prepare this solution, all you need is two tablespoons of vinegar and a small bucket of lukewarm water. Mix both of them well. This solution is proven to kill bacterias available on your window surface. While using this solution, make sure that you are wearing gloves on your hands to avoid any skin trouble, as this solution is a tough love solution only for the window surface, not your skin surface. 

3- Use Squeegee for Effortless Cleaning
When you apply the solution on your window surface for cleaning, then it will break the dirt off the surface, and it is hard to clean with a rug. So, we strongly recommend you make great use of Squeegee to draw the water-borne dirt off the glass and leave the surface of the window sparkling clean. Squeegee is a cleaning tool that expert cleaning professionals use to wash your windows with crystal clear, streak-free results.

4- Invest in Lint Roller
When it comes to window cleaning, the experts always recommend making excellent use of the lint roller on a regular basis. Lint Roller is a cleaning tool equipped with sticky papers on the roller to remove the dust and dirt from the surface of the window. Cleaning window blinds can be a bothersome and daunting task, but not with lint roller. It simplifies this daunting task in just a few movements of the roller. 

5- Banish Paper Towels
Window cleaning seems so irritating as finding the right piece of tool and equipment that can offer you the desired cleaning results is almost impossible. But if we, Harry's Janitor, are with you, we believe in making the impossible possible. No matter what an individual uses to clean their window, the window still remains streaks and lints on the surface. In such cases, we advise you to go with microfibre rugs and squeegee to get the cleaning job done professionally. And if you want to go with a more safe and easy cleaning option, then hire Harry's Janitor's
professional cleaning service to stay on top of the cleaning job. 

Final Verdict!

Window cleaning and maintenance often get ignored, which is not right at all. If you don't love to do a cleaning job on your own, then hire cleaning professionals and they will give a final touch of cleaning to every single corner of your space. And if you are hiring them for some specific cleaning service like a window, then they will serve you at a very pocket friendly price to make sure that they don't leave a dent in your pocket. Harry's Janitor is also a well-recognized name for offering a variety of cleaning services for both commercial and residential spaces. Keep your eyes peeled on us for more abracadabra cleaning hacks! 


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