Top 6 Essential Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Top 6 Essential Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Top 6 Essential Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Ever since a realization dawned on you that gourmet was in your DNA, you stepped into the restaurant business. It has proved to be your passion apart from being your mode of livelihood. You are not only serving delicious food to the masses but also giving a source of earning to your staff. People have hired Harry Janitor’s restaurant cleaning services for professionally tidying up the trickiest corners of their most adored gourmet sections of the restaurant.

Besides, if your restaurant is unclean, customers feel as if they’re cooped up. This could lead to missing visits to your restaurant. After the lockdown was lifted, you’re back to the daily grind. This should encourage you as a Restaurateur to spruce up your space and make it spick-and-span. If you’re having a hard time thinking where and how to start cleaning up your restaurant, then we’ve worked up a nice checklist for you to help you from start to finish. Here we go:

Defining the Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

A restaurant cleaning checklist ensures that all the cleaning tasks are covered from every nook and corner. Therefore, your restaurant is neat and tidy while being completely safe. It also makes sure that your staff is implementing the necessary food safety measures. Failing to do this can lead to shutting down operations of your services by the health department and thus tarnish your fine reputation earned over the years.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Following the below-given kitchen restaurant cleaning checklist will leave it shiny:

  • Wipe off the large and small cooking equipment using a degreaser
  • Sanitize and clean all the prep tables
  • Clean and sweep floors
  • Remove and clean all burners, vent hoods, ovens and salamanders,
  • Remove grease traps
  • Start disinfecting the floor drains
  • Take all the floor mats and clean them

Floor Cleaning Checklist

Sticky, dirty floors are a big put-off for any restaurant visitor. Here’s how to tack up the floors completely:

  • Mop and clean the floors
  • Wash all the floor mats
  • Wash all the kickplates and baseboards
  • Perform spot cleaning of the carpets
  • Eradicate gum and sticky items
  • Vacuum clean the rugs and carpets

Cafeteria Cleaning Checklist

Here’s how to clean up the cafeteria from every nook and corner:

  • Wipe off the stoves, ovens, steam tables, grills, and the cooking equipment using a degreaser.
  • Clean the shelves, prep tables, and counters.
  • Perform sanitization and disinfection of floor drains
  • Mop and sweep floors
  • Clean up the vent hoods
  • Do cleaning of the inside and outside areas of sinks and large appliances.
  • Clean all the floor mats

Front of the house Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

The front of the house lends a lasting first impression to the customers and they can already anticipate what to expect at the initial glimpse. This checklist will help you tick off every important cleaning task in this department:

  • Perform cleaning and inspection of the outside of your restaurant
  • Start cleaning up the ashtrays
  • Collect the stray garbage outside
  • Remove all the garbage from trash cans
  • Clean up the exterior windows
  • Sanitize and clean the railings
  • Try disinfecting the entrance doors, handles, and frames
  • Clean up the wall décor and all decorative ledges
  • Clean up the light fixtures
  • Dust off all the tables and seating
  • Vacuum clean all the rugs, upholstery and clean up the furniture legs
  • Start polishing the leather furniture and wooden tables
  • Dust off and start degreasing all the windowsills, window blinds and shutters
  • Clean up the ceiling tiles and ceiling air vents

Back of the house Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Back-of-the-house cleaning is equally important to prevent foodborne diseases and the spread of bacteria. Here’s how to get started:

  • Start cleaning all the large appliances like ovens, fryers, stoves, grills, freezers, and refrigerators
  • Next continue cleaning small appliance like blenders, coffee machines toasters, and meat slicers
  • Sanitize and clean the food prep surfaces and cutting boards
  • Thoroughly clean up the grease traps while disposing of the grease afterward
  • Clean up the hood filters
  • Empty garbage can
  • Wash off rags, chef coats, and aprons
  • Sanitize and clean up the faucets, sinks and soda guns
  • Saitize and clean the ice bins
  • Wash off the ceilings and walls
  • Flush of the floor drains using drain cleaners
  • Ensure covering all the food for refrigeration using air-tight containers

Bakery kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Here’s the checklist to follow for cleaning up the Bakery department to allow customers to feel satiated with the sweet tooth. Read on:

  • Start by cleaning the inside and outside area of ovens
  • Clean up the baking trays and racks
  • Ensure cleaning all the display cabinets inside out
  • Clean and sanitize the vent hoods inside out
  • Dust off and clean up the register area thoroughly
  • Empty all the grease traps and start disinfecting all the floor drains
  • Clean up the floor mats and floors
  • Start wiping off the inside and outside of appliances, refrigerators, and freezers
  • Perform inspection of all the bakery supplies to ensure there is no trace of kitchen pests
  • Clean up the tables and chairs

As the world is ridden with the fear of pandemics while we lost some precious lives, it is highly imperative for all the commercial facilities to follow necessary safety measures given by the state government and Covid-19 sanitization procedures. You can hire Harry Janitor’s restaurant cleaning services for a professional touch to sparkling up the trickiest spaces of your gourmet section.


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