Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Hacks for Pet-Owners

Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Hacks for Pet-Owners

Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Hacks for Pet-Owners

We understand your love for pooches like no other. They are human’s best friends because of innate love and affection. If you have a furry-friend you love spending quality time with; chances are your home knows the flipside of having pets. Of course, we adore our lovely pets and leave no stone unturned in making them feel special.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for pet-owners

The mess pets create isn’t the same, all the time. If you use proper cleaning techniques for different types of the mess, you’re good to go. Don’t rub a towel on pet pee because it will only soak it deeper.  Here are some handpicked carpet cleaning hacks to clear up any type of solid mess. Read on:

Handle Pet-Mess Smoothly

It is very natural for pets to create a mess wherever they go. However, you don’t need to worry.  Simply remove your pet from the affected area and start tidying up the area before it gets deeper. How? Resort to vinegar, baking soda, and water as DIY cleaning tools instead of harmful store ingredients with harsh chemicals.

Tips on Cleaning Pet Urine

A handy extractor will prove valuable equipment for sucking out poor smells like pet urine or puking out of your carpet. It is far more convenient to clean it up with an extractor than a shop vacuum.

Here’s how to prepare a cleaning solution for this purpose:

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 cup water

Mix the ingredients and transfer them into a spray bottle. Use a towel to dab onto the stain. The carpet is likely to absorb the mess. Spray on the affected area and put some baking soda on it to deodorize the spot.  Blot and vacuum over it.

Tips on Cleaning Pet Stools

One of the ideal techniques of removing pet stool from the carpet is using a putty knife. Using the putty knife, slide it under the pet stool and collect the mess for convenient disposal. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the spot, allow it to settle for 15 minutes, and vacuum.

Try a Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner

One of the valuable investments you will make is a bio-enzymatic Cleaner. If not deodorizing then at least it neutralizes urine odors that ordinary carpet cleaners don’t. It is the most efficient and smart way to clean foul-smells.

Never use Steam Cleaner

There’s a reason why most people are unaware of the deep dark secret why steam cleaners aren’t suitable for carpets. That’s because they hold the potential to wreak havoc on your carpet. How? Here’s the reason: Steam cleaning makes use of heat, and the heat prolongs the stains in the carpet’s fibers which makes it impossible to remove later on. Therefore, opt for professional carpet cleaning methods other than this one. 

Avoid Blotting with the help of shoes or paper towels

Blotting the affected area with shoes or paper towels worsens the situation. It settles the stain even deeper. Follow the above-mentioned cleaning tips for carpets on the ingredients and solutions used for do-it-yourself techniques and increase carpets’ shelf-life. 

Trash down those throw rugs

Rugs are called rugs for a reason. Of course, you can’t throw away your beautiful and precious carpets. Lord, why would you even say that? I heard these words. Rugs that have been overused and worn-out while having zero scopes of being utilized again deserve to be thrown out the door. Good riddance. They should earn a place in the trash bin. Make room for neat and tidy rugs. Because throw rugs come with a short shelf-life and when they are adding to the rutty mess, please throw them out. Here we are talking about cleaning up the mess not causing a quagmire. Puh-leeze!

Clean Paws are awesome

Make sure your pet’s paws are clean as a mirror. Because when they walk in walk out or run around, all the filth that comes from outside gets collected and settled in the carpet. Tidying up their paws will spare the trouble. You won’t have to spend hours cleaning up the mess that could have been avoided.

Give regular baths

It is essential to give your pets regular baths to keep them neat and tidy. It removes all the dust, dirt, and grime accumulated by wandering around throughout the day. Also, don’t forget to remove ticks from their body.

Use Vacuum Cleaner every day

Book the best carpet cleaning service in Los Angeles; Harry Janitor is a trusted name to go by.  Keeping your carpets neat and tidy is an amazing way of showing your impeccable personality and care for living beings who matter. A sparkling home, happy pets, and contented family are a reflection of the head of the family. You can take professional carpet cleaning services to leave the heavy-duty responsibility on our shoulders while you can take time for rest and rejuvenation.


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