What You Should Know About Post Construction Cleaning?

What You Should Know About Post Construction Cleaning?

What You Should Know About Post Construction Cleaning?

Renovating brings a new life to the building, be it a house or an office. The process of renovation is challenging but worth doing. Unfortunately, along with renovation comes dangerous waste, which is even harder to manage and dumb. The dirt and dust found their way to pollute the surroundings regardless of the steps you took to keep the debris away. These pollutants from drywalls and bricks cause damage to equipment if cleanliness is not maintained appropriately.

You make stress about cleaning the building after the construction has been completed and getting irritated instead of feeling happy and rejuvenated with fresh vibes of renovation and completion of construction work.

If you also feel the same way, you require a post-construction cleaning service provider who could take care of all the debris and waste and prepare a stage for handypersons to make the interior touches. The construction cleaning services provider would involve cleaning large pieces of construction waste, particulate debris, and small parts, including nails, screws, water and electricity pipes, sealants, wood pieces, and all other waste left by the builder on this site. It will also include whipping up the floors and cleaning the stains of different liquids.

The process will depend on the nature of the construction site and renovation projects. Still, the sole aim of construction cleaning services would be to shine all the surfaces, including walls, floors, windows, doors, fixtures, and other touch surfaces, to give a finished look to the building.

Need Of Construction Cleaning Service

You need commercial cleaning services to clean the post-construction waste because of the complexity e of the process, lack of proper equipment, patience, time, and expertise to clean it by yourself. It may also be realistic in large-scale buildings to clean the waste all by yourself or with the help of a team with improper gears. Also so if the waste is not handled correctly or the cleanup process is taken up without taking the necessary precautions could lead to hazardous health problems. Therefore it is always better to hire a professional cleaning service for cleaning up of construction sites.

Stages of  Construction Cleaning

Three stages are included in cleaning a construction site to free them from waste, harmful chemicals, and debris.

Stage 1: Rough Interior Cleaning

This is the initial step of the cleaning process, and it immediately starts after the completion of heavy works. That means when the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and framing techniques are complete. This step involves cleaning up large and heavy pieces of waste from this site which were leftover, broken tools, and disposable containers used at construction. The primary motive behind this step is to clean the trash, which is challenging to handle With general vacuum cleaning and sweeping.

Stage 2: Thorough Cleaning Of Room

This step comes second in the process of cleaning construction sites. This involves room-by-room cleaning of the building, thus making it the most tedious and time-consuming task. First, all the areas, including the kitchen and bathroom, are thoroughly cleaned. Next, the newly installed furniture, including Windows wooden panels, doors, and other fixtures, is disinfected with detergents. In this stage, the floor comes the last, and special attention is paid to the ornamental designs and corners as dust is in abundance in that area. Cleaning the corners is essential as they are cleaned rarely after people start living and accumulated debris in such area never let the place look fresh and new.

Stage 3: Final Cleaning

This stage includes touch-up cleaning, and thorough inspection is made to make all the building areas, whether regularly touched or not, get a squeaky clean finish. Next, deep cleaning of all the elements, including carpets and rugs, and pressure cleaning of concrete and outdoor surfaces, including windows. At last intensive scrutiny is done to makes sure that all the areas are spotless.

Building Exterior Cleaning

Depending on the scale and scope of construction, exterior building services are also included in the construction cleaning service. For example, suppose construction or renovation consists of a high-floor apartment, common areas like pathways, staircases, walkways, and porches. In that case, we make sure that exterior cleaning is also carefully done to avoid inconvenience to neighbors. The process of exterior cleaning may include cleaning of common areas with vacuum cleaners and pressure washers.

Must-Know Hacks Before Starting With Construction Cleaning

Before cleaning up the construction sites, ensure that all the bulky waste particles are thrown out, and the entire area has been cleaned with a soft bristle broom. You can also spray my little water to make the brooming task easier.

Always start from inside and gradually move to the outside of the building. Always use an appropriate mask while cleaning to avoid health issues. First, clean the tiles and wooden surfaces with utmost care and proper equipment. Then, vacuum the house at least twice, after sleeping and after completion of final touches.


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