Why Restaurant Cleaning is important When Reopening the Space after COVID?

Why Restaurant Cleaning is important When Reopening the Space after COVID?

Why Restaurant Cleaning is important When Reopening the Space after COVID?

The pandemic has ridden the world with a perilous disease and heinous fear of death. Although significant parts of the world are recovering from COVID-19 but implementing the cleanliness rules is crucial. When the lockdown was imposed, people really missed eating out and catching up with each other. This was when restaurants suffered a little more. However, if you own a restaurant and plan to reopen post the lockdown is over, and the pandemic is gradually shifting; this write-up is for you. Reopening the Resto means an invitation to the masses, and it could also very well invite health trouble. To avoid getting infected by the treacherous Coronavirus that has cost the world many precious lives, you and the team must follow all the important cleanliness measures by hiring Commercial janitorial services. Take care of all the sanitation regulations and if you are having any issues, then feel free to hire Harry Janitorial Services to cater to your restaurant cleaning facilities. Always ensure frequent hand washing and regular cleaning up of your restaurant from every nook and corner.  Keep your restaurant neat, clean, and well looked after because of the pandemic and because everybody loves to experience a sparkling as mirror ambience.

Reasons behind Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Service

Customers always return to hygienic and tidy restaurants. Usually, the foodies notice more than one aspect of assessing your restaurant for sanitization. Your customers may be inclined to observe the following:

  • Clean smells
  • Neat Seating Arrangement
  • Sanitized restrooms
  • Neat waiting areas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has told the grapevine that COVID-19 is primarily contagious from person-to-person, coming in close proximity with people, and through sneezes and coughs. To avoid any health trouble, it is pivotal to implement the CDC’s guidelines for sanitization procedures. Make sure your team follows the given cleaning procedures by doing the significant pointers mentioned here:

  • Installing sanitizers around the premises frequently sanitize hands and automatically clean areas that are often touched or even get the staff to sanitize them, such as touch screen kiosks, door handles etc.
  • Making sure that the staff is frequently washing their hands.
  • Wearing masks is crucial for staff.
  • Washing hands for up to 20 seconds is vital.

Implementing these additional cleaning chores can be a tad atrocious during peak hours, therefore consider hiring some more cleaners not to let the sanitization procedures suffer. This is going to be a “go through the grind” moment. Please bear all these crucial pointers before reopening a restaurant after COVID-19.

Important Cleaning Supplies for Restaurant Cleaning

You must have been into the restaurant industry for a large extent if the environment is spick-and-span.  It starts with you. Your team will implement the sanitization protocols in a much better way with the availability of the following resturant cleaning supplies:

  • A vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • Clean dishcloths
  • Spray glass cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Broom
  • Disinfecting spray for counters and other surfaces
  • Clean dishcloths
  • Supplies restocking—toilet paper, paper towels, napkins
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Toilet bowl cleaner and toilet brush
  • Mop and bucket with soap for floor

Tips on Cleaning a Tacky Restaurant Kitchen Floor

Please keep in mind three necessary steps for cleaning up a tacky restaurant kitchen floor:

  1. Use a good quality floor-mopper to clean the floor.
  2. Sweep the floor using a degreasing product.
  3. Perform floor-mopping using bleach water and allow it to air dry.

Take a hard-bristle brush to clean the floor using a high quality bleach solution once a week. Constancy will lead to the best results.

Tips on cleaning a restaurant oven

Knowing how to clean a restaurant oven is highly imperative. This information may be barely taught to you. Therefore, we have done the groundwork for you.

  1. Place the racks away and thoroughly clean them in your commercial wash-basin.
  2. Take a clean damp cloth and wipe off the inner side of the oven. Please take notice of the fans when cleaning up the insides.
  3. Put the racks back in space and open the oven door to allow it to dry entirely.

Making use of vinegar and lemon juice as a cleaning solution rather than an oven cleaner.

Sanitization for prevention of Foodborne Diseases

Lack of cleanliness can cause E. coli contamination, food poisoning or Norovirus infection. Please follow the given measures for prevention of foodborne illnesses:

  • The suggested temperatures of storing food are between 41°F and below 140°F
  • Try to make exceptions in cross-contamination of surfaces where meat and vegetables are kept
  • Resolve concerns of common restaurant pests
  • Rigorously prep up areas related to food, utensils and equipment

Follow Guidelines Of Health Department For Dining Safety

Be a responsible citizen by following a complete list of the guidelines given by your state’s government and follow every significant cleanliness measure recommended by health inspectors. Your business will need to follow CDC’s recommendations for the prevention of the spread of viruses, germs and foodborne diseases. We hope the details, insights and information in the blog will prove fruitful for you in the long run. We wish you good luck in reopening your restaurant, ensuring it is equipped with all the necessary cleanliness and sanitation measures. After all, you never know your restaurant could not only be praised for being the tidiest but also featured publicly for being spotless, immaculate and spruced up. With the useful tips given above, we are sure that your restaurant space will no longer be untidy or disorderly.


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